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With the advancements of technology, new devices are coming out every day with new options. The advent of mobile application technology with new devices has made our lives much easier. In the smartphone world, simply having a working website isn’t enough. Recent studies show that about 45% or more of Google searches are conducted through smartphones. The number is extraordinary and there is growth in mobile business. It’s imperative for any business to be accessible on an internet-enabled device, which has given rise to mobile app development. AKitoGroup provides most relevant tools and cases that pertain your business.

Our Services


Our iOS app development services include full-cycle development, and we offer consulting support throughout the entire process of development, from the initial idea to App Store upload. As a result, we are able to provide iOS development services that take advantage of the latest iOS features.


Programming Languages: Swift, Objective C

Frameworks and SDKs: iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch, 3D Touch, Push Notifications, In-App Purchases

Database: SQLite, Core Data, Realm.


Our mobile software development company’s Android developers build advanced Android apps with Java and Kotlin languages to achieve the best app performance and appearance for Android devices. For producing high-quality apps, our software developers consider the best combination of languages and tools.


Languages: Kotlin, Java SE (including ANSI C)

Stack: Android SDK and NDK, RXJava, Google Api’s, Fabric, FCM/GCM, REST Api, WebSocket.

Frameworks: RetroFit, Dagger2, Gradle.

Database: SQLite, Realm, FireBase, ORMLite.


For cross-platform development we also use Flutter. This is a Dart framework that uses standard native UI blocks. The use of the fundamental standard UI blocks, like in regular iOS and Android applications, allows users to interact more easily with the app.


Frameworks: Flutter

UI: HTML, CSS, SCSS, Flutter UI components, Flutter UI widgets

Key Libs: Fluro, Mobx, Url_launcher







AKitoGroup construction software solutions

The construction industry has certain dynamics that requires specialized software to address its requirements. Construction projects, from home construction to civil engineering must meet safety, regulatory and other industry standards that must be addressed by a construction software solution. In the construction sector, complex market conditions, multiple stakeholders and short timeframes are the greatest challenges.

AKitoGroup’s technology-enabled software solutions assist companies in meeting their execution, schedule, and profit goals.


AKitoGroup travel software solutions

During the last decade, the Travel industry has rapidly changed and evolved around how passengers are “connected and engaged” to experience their journey. Technology plays a significant role in transforming the traveler into a “digitally empowered passenger”. It is becoming increasingly imperative for travel companies to provide services that exceed passengers’ expectations and help them “Go the Extra Mile!”. The success of travel companies is directly linked to how well they understand their passengers in order to create intuitive and highly personalized customer experiences. It has become equally significant for travel companies to enhance their operational efficiency, passenger loyalty, and overall profitability.

By leveraging transformative technologies like automation, web solutions, mobile application solutions, etc., AKitoGroup can continuously enhance the customer experience of the traveler by supporting the Travel industry with its extensive domain expertise and digital tools.


AKitoGroup healthcare software solutions

We at AKitoGroup have an enviable history of serving clients with turnkey healthcare IT services. IT solutions for healthcare industry have simplified a lot of working processes right from patient care to infrastructure to analytics, resulting in achieving higher levels of success every day.

Being active in the industry for almost 7 years, we have extensive experience in handling various technological demands and assist healthcare-related companies in their digital transformation journey. At AKitoGroup, our techies have experience providing healthcare IT, as well as managed healthcare IT services. Our major services includes blockchain, cloud migration, software application and development, clinical analytics, and supply chain management, etc.


AKitoGroup entertainment software solutions

There is no doubt that disruptive technologies and a change in consumer behavior has changed the game for the entire media and entertainment industry. Consumers will demand customized content, media and services, and they will do so through their favorite devices. The entire proliferation can be attributed to the invasion of robust entertainment technology solutions.

AKitoGroup provides turnkey IT solutions for the media industry, including live streaming app development and maintenance, cloud services, media streaming, and consumer content analysis. It provides customized entertainment technology solutions to help the enterprises meet their business goals.


AKitoGroup catering software solutions

Due to the popularity of online catering, the catering industry has become one of the major factors that is driving the market, so even with COVID-19, there is a high demand to start your own catering business or to expand your current services.

Having said that, there are a few challenges that caterers face that catering software can help to address. For example, efficient management, high turnover, long working hours, inefficient training, etc.

By using AKitoGroup’s catering software solutions, you can easily move from manual to automated processes and increase efficiency of achieving the result.


AKitoGroup sports software solutions

It’s no secret that the sports and fitness app market is the latest hottest thing. Sports apps have become so colossal – there are personal online training and coaching sports apps, sports software solutions for managing sports teams and leagues, team management applications, health club apps, as well as sports medicine software solutions, booking sports facilities, and etc.

AKitoGroup provide a wide range of services for sports, focusing on high quality service.


AKitoGroup ecommerce software solutions

As a result of technology, the e-commerce and retail industry have been thriving. We at AKitoGroup design and develop mobile and web applications and solutions that help to boost efficiency and user engagement, which allows to spread business like never before. Several things are implemented in the e-commerce and retail industries, such as 24/7 customer support, automation, online shopping portals, faster response times, and so on. Just by following the technology, everything is done smoothly. Furthermore, our developers and designers offer clients e-commerce and retail app development solutions that are attractive and enhance the user experience.

AKitoGroup leverage the power of eCommerce and retail industry through cutting-edge mobile and web solutions. With our solutions, such as eCommerce mobile apps and websites, or a portal, we allow the vendors to make it big in the e-commerce space.


AKitoGroup education software solutions

Everywhere technology can do wonders, and education industry is not untouched by this digital transformation era. There is a constant desire for something new and innovative in education. The education industry has experienced so many changes over the past few decades. One of the major contributors to this digital revolution is IT solutions for education.

Learning is no longer limited to books. Apps and websites are slowly and gradually taking over the role of the traditional books and other mediums. Along with this, students and teachers are looking for better and more customized services that they can access no matter where they are.

AKitoGroup’s team of tech experts provides a variety of e-learning solutions including web portal development, learning apps, virtual classrooms, remote learning websites, institute management software, and more.





Development workflow

  • Planning

    After collecting all of the requirements, we will develop a clear and transparent mobile app development plan

  • Analysis

    At every stage of the app development process, we will analyze the application’s performance and note any additional requirements

  • Design

    In this step, we will start building the architecture of the application and eliminate any potential flaws that may exist

  • Development

    Here, we will write all of the code for the app so it includes all of the functionality you require

  • Testing

    Upon completing the development phase, we rigorously test the code to make sure there are no bugs or other issues

  • Maintenance

    When the app has passed all stages, we can provide maintenance services to ensure that upgrades and patches are made in time to adapt to the latest changes and possible security threats

1. Planning

After collecting all of the requirements, we will develop a clear and transparent mobile app development plan