A reliable technology system with dependable Support Services is a necessity in today’s world for every business.
We offer a full range of IT Support services for businesses of any size.
As a result, if your business’ digital products aren’t performing the way they should, you can rely on us. Our IT consultants are ready to help.

Our professional IT Support Services will enchance the performance and quality of your business.
This will allow you to enjoy peace of mind and concentrate on more important things.

Software Application Maintenance Services

Using innovative software application maintenance services and enhancements, you will Increase your business productivity, add more flexibility, scalability and realize significant cost benefits to your business

Secure and Stable App

Our support model addresses your primary concerns regarding full availability and secured access, allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities and improve productivity.

Minimal Downtime

Adaptive, Corrective, Preventive and Perfective maintenance concepts help us ensure that your systems are always up and running, and reduce glitches while supporting your day to day operations.

High Performance

We provide Software Application Maintenance Services to evaluate the performance and tuning of applications under maintenance. We use a combination of tools and experience to give your applications better performance.

Customizable Features

We carry out an in-depth analysis of your business niche and industry verticals to develop tailored features for the software product. Our solutions are fully customised towards meeting the client’s business objectives.

Challenges of Software Application Support

When it comes to effective Support and Maintenance of Software Applications, enterprises may face the following challenges:

  • Failure to craft solutions that reduce support costs to reduce total cost of ownership in the long run
  • The lack of customised features in software solutions to cater for changing business needs
  • Continual use of old mainframes for maintaining legacy apps causing glitches
  • Unavailability of talent to develop apps with both modern and legacy platforms
  • Code quality problems and non-compliance with development standards

AkitoGroup provided support services


Our “On-Demand IT Support Service” is designed for small businesses with a few employees and computers that do not require frequent IT support. With our On-Demand IT Support, you can get a fast and reliable IT Support to cover your business needs without requiring a contract. For more information about our On-Demand IT Support Services, please contact one of AKitoGroup’s experts.


Businesses that require IT Support frequently and hire full-time IT employees may benefit from our “Managed IT Support Service”. We provide your business with much more IT services for much less money than a full-time IT employee could provide for you. To learn more about our Managed IT Support Services, please contact us.