Ui / Ux Design


From the very first time a user comes across your product, they should be drawn in by quality and innovation. Our UI/UX design services can help you create a lasting first impression on your customers that will keep them coming back for more. No matter if you are creating a brand new product or revamping an existing one, you need to make sure that your business decisions align with the actual demand and challenges your users face.


User Experience Design

Nowadays, user experience is more important than ever and you need to ensure that you don’t lose any prospective customers because of that. We can help you create exceptional user experiences based on our industry insights and expertise

User Interface Design

Your customers will not hesitate to leave your product if the users interface is too complicated or inconvenient. Let us design you a user interface they’ll love

User Research and Analysis

In each industry, users’ needs will be different. Our UX company will do the necessary research to determine which type of experience will bring the most users and increase your product’s commercial success

Mobile-first and Responsive Design

Mobile devices are used more and more nowadays, and our UI/UX design services can help take advantage of this by creating a mobile-first designs that can be viewed on tablets and desktops without a lot of alterations. We can also create a responsive design so users can comfortably use your app on all screens sizes

Wireframes and Interactive Prototyping

UI/UX designs must be created and tested by actual users. We can take any idea you can come up with and create a wireframe or an interactive prototype for your investors to see or for users to get an initial glance for testing

Customer Journey Mapping

In addition to creating wonderful designs, we can create an entire customer journey map for you to increase conversion rates and make ensure that you are not losing any customers along the way


With the user interface services we provide at AKitoGroup, we help companies across many industries build unique identities that keep customers coming back for more. As part of our custom UX / UI design solutions, we consider everything from the customer journey to how people interact with your product.

UI/UX Design Processes

  • Business needs discovery

    Identifying your unique business needs is the first step in designing and planning

  • Problem statement definition

    We identify the problems your users are experiencing and look for solutions

  • Ideation

    All of the ideas collected in the previous stages are put together to create the web design you have always dreamed about

  • Interaction design

    Whenever we plan out how a design will look, we always consider how the users will interact with it and whether or not it will be convenient for them

  • Solution validation

    To ensure that your ideas work in practice, we will create a wireframe or a prototype that you can present to prospective users for testing

  • Design delivery

    Our designers will create the interface and experience that your users are looking for while taking into account all requirements

1. Business needs discovery

Identifying your unique business needs is the first step in designing and planning

Benefits of ui/ux


  • Reduced development costs
  • Increased number of new users and conversion
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Higher revenue and ROI
  • Long-term relationships with customers


  • Increased customer acquisition and loyalty
  • Improved customer engagement
  • Reduced customer support costs
  • Customers empowered to be more productive
  • Lowered costs of troubleshooting and related expenses