IT Consulting


AKitoGroup provides comprehensive IT consulting services to help companies in various industries globally find technological solutions for their business needs. We have experienced IT professionals who know the best industry practices and know-how and can help apply all of this knowledge to make your processes more efficient and to boost the outcomes. Our IT consulting focuses on your long-term goals allowing your company to enjoy a competitive advantage for many years to come. We offer end-to-end technology consulting to help you create an IT strategy that accounts for potential pitfalls and can implement the necessary processes to help you avoid them while ensuring stability and growth of the business.

IT Consulting Services

Enterprise Architecture Advisory

We help companies navigate through the chaos of managing large-scale product development and help turn your vision into reality. Regardless of whether you are looking to just fine-tune certain processes or overhaul the entire business digitalisation, we can seamlessly help you achieve new levels of efficiency

IT Strategy Consulting

Our IT consulting team has the best technological and business expertise to make sure these two aspects are perfectly aligned and implemented into your business. We can also create a clear roadmap and vision for you to get your current state of IT to where you would like it to be in the future and how to achieve your goals

Platform Consulting

We will conduct an audit of the current platform(s) you are using and identify possible vulnerabilities. In this era of design-build-operate it is important that everything is set up appropriately for the needs of a particular business to stay competitive

Digital Customer Experience Consulting

Nowadays, the customer experience matters more than ever and we know how to digitize your current and new business lines to make sure customers keep coming back again and again

System Integration Consulting

Companies are using more and more enterprise apps hoping for an all-in-one solution but are not getting the higher ROI. We can help you streamline your integration efforts to get the most value out of every technology you use

Cost Optimization Consulting

While investing in technology is important to achieve your overall business goals, that money could be put to a better use. We will take a look at your technological spend and help you get the most out of your budget without investing more