Rionty is the ultimate tool to manage inventory and stock for one of our clients developed by AKitoGroup. It was designed from the ground up to offer full comfort with the highest level of security. It allows our client to manage and organize all of their products and sales in one place. It makes selling fast and allows them to keep track of their transactions. Maximum security is offered for all transactions so that no data is lost. Rionty inventory platform brings transparency to your business. It enables you to predict and take decisions based on your performance. Visual charts give you a birds-eye view of how to optimize business workflows.

Key Features

  • Profit calculation on sold items in the system
  • Supplier, customer and wholesale customer management
  • Partial payment system for customers
  • Product Alert System
  • Simultaneous multi-item sales
  • Role permission based system for staff management
  • Advanced reporting tools to generate accurate business reports
  • Full screen/distraction free mode
  • Returns system
  • External company expenses management
  • Branding/Customization via interface
  • Instant search
  • Database backup system
  • Locking feature technology stack

Technology stack

  • PHP / Laravel framework
  • Mysql
  • JS / VUEJS
  • Linux server, nginx
  • SSL, Bitbucket

Services provided

  • Consulting
    • Project management
    • Software development and management
    • Infrastructure security
    • Audit
  • Infrastructure
    • Project development
    • IT infrastructure management
    • System support