ForStockTrade is a multifunctional investment platform developed by AKitoGroup. Forex, stocks, and cryptocurrencies can be invested in and monitored easily. With ForStockTrade platform, our client can run their own online investment system. Platfrorm users can access MT4. It is a full-featured, dynamic and responsive investment platform built with the latest technology stack.

Key Features

  • MT4 integration – Connect with user’s trading account from any broker
  • Support for the most common cryptocurrencies
  • 2FA verification on login and registration system
  • 5 Levels referral system
  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliance system
  • Advanced users management
  • Advanced statistics export to excel, text, pdf and csv file format system
  • Advanced frontend content editor from admin dashboard
  • Automated and dynamic ROI (Return on investment top up) system
  • Signup bonus system
  • Email notification on registration, when ROI drops and at the end of investment circle
  • Advanced email template constructor system
  • Live chat
  • Mass email to all users system
  • Audit logs
  • Advanced roles system

Technology stack

  • PHP / Laravel framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • JS / Jquery / VUEJS
  • Linux server, nginx
  • SSL, Bitbucket

Services provided

  • Consulting
    • Project management
    • Software development and management
    • Infrastructure security
    • Audit
  • Infrastructure
    • Project development
    • IT infrastructure management
    • System support