In addition to being a cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform, CryptoCuex is a financial technology platform developed by AKitoGroup that allows their clients to trade cryptocurrency with specific pricing.

Key features

  • Cryptocurrency buy-sell system
  • Exchange coin system
  • Stats and analitics functionality
  • Advanced cedCoin Market system
  • Included several payment gateways
  • Transaction Setup System
  • Limit user of withdraw and transfer money system
  • Live chat
  • Email and SMS system for deposit and withdraw
  • Responsive website with Exchange Dashboard
  • Customer can see their open trades
  • Customer can see their trade history
  • Customer can withdraw or transfer money


Technology stack

  • PHP / Codeigniter framework
  • Mysql
  • JS / Jquery
  • Linux server, nginx
  • SSL, Bitbucket

Services provided

  • Consulting
    • Project management
    • Software development and management
    • Infrastructure security
    • Audit
  • Infrastructure
    • Project development
    • IT infrastructure management
    • System support